A Pregnancy program designed Around You

Over the last few decades, Irwin County Hospital has delivered
more than 10,000 babies into the world, but our story is your
bundle of joy. So whether your pregnancy journey begins —
whether its general obstetrical care or challenges related to
infertility — we invite you to experience the personalized care
that’s been the Irwin County standard for decades.We offer
expertise and a multi-disciplinary team approach to care,
including obstetricians, nurses and highly-specialized experts.
From the moment you enter our doors, until the day you leave
for home with your new baby, you’ll be given
compassionate care in a small community.

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Labor and Delivery Checklist

To help you and your family prepare, here are some suggested steps to prepare you for this journey.


During Your First Trimester

  • Consider taking prenatal vitamins
  • Discontinue any unhealthy activities such as tobacco or alcohol use

During Your Second Trimester

  • Schedule your associated ultrasounds on our new equipment
  • Research child care options if needed or desired. It’s never too early.
  • Prepare the baby’s room. Don’t forget the diapers
  • Speak with your Employer regarding family/medical-maternity leave options and complete required paperwork

During Your Third Trimester

  • Begin to speak with your Doctor regarding your birth plan
  • Select a pediatrician for the many first-year visits
  • Pre-register for your hospital stay, click here 
  • Finish your baby nursery & purchase baby essentials
  • Install your car seat

Two Weeks Before Your Due Date

  • Select a name for your baby
  • Pack your hospital bag, which may include the following items:
    • Any pre-registration forms, click here for details 
    • Health insurance card
    • Nightgown / bathrobe / pajamas
    • Non-skid slippers
    • Support or nursing bras
    • Toiletries/makeup
    • Baby outfit for the ride home
    • Telephone numbers, addresses and birth announcements for spreading the good news, don’t forget to post to our Facebook Page! 

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